Photos Manila Auto Salon 2017 at SMX Convention Center

Manila Auto Salon 2017

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Photos Manila Auto Salon 2017 by Manillion

Last weekend we went to the Manila Auto Salon 2017 and took a lot of great photos (link below). It was a mixture of supercars, tuned daily cars, pimped 4×4’s and much more! And of course… it wouldn’t be a real car show if there weren’t a lot of beautiful car models. Taking photos at a car show isn’t always easy. You mostly have bad lighting and crowded paths, but we believe they turned out pretty great.

Car Porn Racing

The booth with the most awesome creations and luxurious cars was Car Porn Racing. This car tuning company, based in Taguig, is owned by car enthusiast Angie King (Angelina Mead King) and delivers some real artwork when it comes to cars. Their booth was filled with a twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo by Import Hookup on AirREX + AccuAir suspension and a Street and race driven Mazda MX5 Miata ND. They also unveiled their McLaren MP4-12C long tail project (fully fitted in purple tinted carbon fiber!).  As you watch the pictures, you’ll see so much more other eye-candy!

Lamborghini Gallardo Manila Auto Salon 2017

Custom Parts

Apart from all the cars, you could also find different companies offering their special services and custom parts, to add that little extra to your car. Rims, suspension kits, big turbos,… you name it.

car model babe Manila Auto Salon

More info about the Manila Auto Salon (source)

Manila Auto Salon is highly influential in bridging the gap between modifiers and non-modifiers. Through its vast display of accessorized vehicles making it visually appealing for the latter in helping them to customize their vehicles. The show keeps them in tune with industry trends.

This individualized preference for accessorizing, restyling and restoring vehicles from multiple market segments is what will sustain the aftermarket industry. MANILA AUTO SALON is the best venue to see the most provocative trendsetters in the field.


Car Porn Racing Mercedes S Class Manila Auto Salon 2017

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