Refer and earn!

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Refer a client and earn extra cash!

At Manillion we appreciate people who advertise our business and services. So we believe it’s more than fair to get rewarded when you refer someone to us who eventually becomes our client! We like to call this the referral bonus. Refer someone of your friends, family, acquaintances,… who needs a (new) website and earn some extra cash doing so! Fill in the contact form below and refer this person or company to us. Make sure to ask their permission and if they’re ok with that, and we’ll do the rest.

In the event that this person (or company) agrees to working with us, you can definitely expect your referral bonus! This bonus amounts to 3% of the total invoice of the project, with a maximum reimbursement of €50/$55/₱3,000. Easy right? So refer now and quickly earn some extra cash!

* Terms and conditions

Referral bonuses are only eligible for completed assignments on web design projects which are paid by the referred client to Manillion Enterprise. All referral bonuses are calculated based on the total amount of the invoices paid to Manillion Enterprise. The total amount of the referral bonus is 3% of the total value, with a maximum of €50/$55/₱3,000. Referral bonuses are only eligible for the first assignment from the referred client. Subsequent assignments from the referred client are ineligible. Organizations or businesses already client of Manillion Enterprise are ineligible.