Manillion, a Belgian Creative Studio

About us

As a creative studio, Manillion delivers Digital Graphic Design and Web design services. We are serving our clients all around the world, for over 17 years now. Offering professional knowledge and supreme attention to all our customers.

Belgian Company

We are a Belgian Company, offering services out of our virtual office. With current technologies, all boundaries have disappeared and good communication via our various available channels is very convenient.

Tom Misbaer
Owner and founder Manillion Enterprise

We are Manillion


For the time being, Manillion does not have a physical office, but you may contact us to set an appointment.

Manillion offers custom-made services at affordable rates. From bloggers to starters, and small businesses to large corporations. We serve each with a specific and personalized service for the best results.

Aside from that, we also have a special photoshoot package for aspiring models, at budget-friendly rates. Please contact us for sample quotations.

We are open Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm. Check HERE for special holiday hours.

When we were brainstorming about the company name, we thought of putting a part of ‘Manila’ in it. We also wanted a strong brand name, that’s where the ‘lion’ came in – although you don’t pronounce it that way while saying Manillion.

Apart from that, ‘manillion’ is actually an existing number, also called dakalillion or myriaillion, and is equal to 103*103*1030,000+3. That’s a cool fact, right? ☺

You can contact us through one of the provided options on our contact page for more questions and sample quotations. We are happy to serve you.

Our Expertise

Graphic Design 95%
Web design 95%
Photography 90%
Social Media Marketing 85%
Dedication 100%

Now that you got to know us a little better, are you ready to create something stunning with us?

manillion creative studio - graphic design and web design
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