Graphic Design

graph·ic de·sign

/ˈɡrafik dəˈzīn,dēˈzīn/

Graphic Design Studio

We’re not just another Graphic Design studio. Manillion boasts years of experience, continuously improves, adapts and fully dedicates towards every project, no matter how big or small.

After Sales

We build close relationships with our clients, and let them get involved from start to finish. Once a project is completed, we’re still there for our clients. We believe that after sales is as important as acquiring a project.

A happy client is a valuable client to us, that’s why we aim high for customer satisfaction.

Strong visual communication

Graphic Design is a process of bringing several ideas together into strong visual communication. This process blends in typography, photography, and illustration filled with the perfect color scheme.

Around the world

As experienced graphic designers, we deliver designs for both online and offline applications around the world. For offline use, we provide you with the print-ready pdf files that can go directly to your selected printing company.

Our Values

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Personal Journey
  • 200% Dedication

Typography, photography and illustration complemented with the perfect color scheme

The whole message or story

Although all these elements usually go hand in hand, typography doesn’t always need more than just the font itself. For example, a meaningful quote in the right font on a plain white background can just be enough. Or a picture by itself can, as they say, “say more than a thousand words”. But this doesn’t always work on a commercial website, flyer or advertisement. People need to feel the whole message or story in just under a second.

Experienced designers

That is why investing in professional graphic design services is essential. Getting experienced designers involved to create that specific message or story for you is a smart decision. Not only will it make the whole process of the project a lot easier, you will also benefit from it in the end with the results you expected.

Typography Graphic Design 1
Photography Graphic Design 1

Color Scheme

When it comes to colors, you have endless options to choose from. Depending on seasonal colors, colors that have to express a certain emotion or appearance of your company, we pick the perfect color range for your design.


  • Grapefruit 1


  • Grapefruit 2


  • Bittersweet 1


  • Bittersweet 2


  • Sunflower 1


  • Sunflower 2



Chosing the right font to fit the message you want to deliver with your design is crucial. The wrong font can literally make or break your design. The message or story you want to tell your audience can go lost completely.

Catch people’s attention and keep it, or you might lose the interaction or sale you were hoping for.

Typography Graphic Design 1
Manillion logo design

Logo Design


When we’re talking about logo design, you have to think about a custom made visualization of your brand or company. It represents who you are and what you do. Later on when people see your logo, they will immediately recognize your brand or company. An obvious example is the Coca-Cola logo of course, even without the words Coca-Cola, the ‘wave’ is something almost everybody will recognize. I hear you saying ‘But they are famous?!’. Yes they are, but they weren’t always famous and als had to build their brand. That’s why it is important to get your branding and logo professionally designed right from the start.

Cheap logos

While there are many online companies offering cheap logos for as low as $5, you need to realize that you won’t get much for that money. Usually you will receive a logo that came from a stock website, maybe with some color changes, but it’s very realistic to say that you won’t get anything custom made for your brand. You don’t want to stumble upon another company with almost exactly the same logo do you?

Extended process

So why does designing a logo cost some money? It’s because the whole design goes through an extended process. It all starts with draft sketches, finding the right font or even creating a whole new font just for your logo. The colors need to be on point for the message your logo has to deliver. Maybe your company doesn’t have a brand guide yet, where the use of colors, fonts,… have been recorded in. Then this will take extra time to carefully select the right elements that can be brought together in your logo.


Once the proposals have been shown to the client, feedback will come back to us and that’s when revisions of the logo will be made. This step can go back and forth a couple of times, before the final end result is approved. It literally can take up to a couple of months before that happens. That is why a logo costs more than $5, $75 or whatever ridiculous low price. If you only pay that much, you can be sure the work that will be put in will be of the same value.