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WordPress website maintenance

Website maintenance is something that is easily forgotten. It also takes up a reasonable amount of your time, which is why not everyone likes to do the job. But don’t worry, Manillion is happy to help you with the maintenance of your WordPress website. Both large and small.

You could compare the maintenance of your website to that of your car. Everything under the hood of your website is being kept in an excellent condition so that it continues to work perfectly and stays optimally secured.

Always an optimized and secure website!

Secured website

Your website always gets provided with the most recent security updates.


Outstanding performance of your website thanks to extensive maintenance.


Always a recent backup of your website and database at hand.


Official software licenses for your website with the latest updates.

Prices website maintenance

Web Care Basic

Wordpress maintenance
$ 44
  • Backup of your website and database via your own hosting
  • Updates of WordPress Core, Theme and Plugins when available
  • Weekly optimization of your website and database
  • Web hosting
  • Domain name (.com)

Web Care Plus

WordPress maintenance + hosting
+ domain name
from $ 65
  • Daily backup of your whole website and database
  • Updates of WordPress Core, Theme and Plugins when available
  • Weekly optimization of your website and database
  • Web hosting included
  • Domain name included
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What is included in our website maintenance package?

We monitor all events coming from outside 24/7, in order to keep your website secured. Making sure attempts to hack your website, spam and viruses don’t stand a chance.

We create daily back-ups of your website and database, so if anything does go wrong, we can revert it back to its original state in no time.

We closely follow up on all updates for your WordPress website. WP Core updates and plugin updates first get tested, to check if they are compatible with the current version and theme of your website. If no problems arise, we will implement them throughout the whole website. In case you have purchased a website from us, we will also keep your website theme up-to-date as soon as an update gets released.

And finally, we also optimize your website and database once a week. This will remove old draft versions of pages and posts, and removes unnecessary data from your database. This way we keep the functionality and speed of your website in an outstanding condition!

Manillion is happy to take over these less pleasant tasks from you. That way you don’t have to worry about your WordPress website and you get all the time to fully focus on your business and customers.

Customized website maintenance package?

Do you want your website maintenance package to be fully customized to your needs? That is also possible! In addition to our standard website maintenance package, we also offer custom packages where we also take care of your web hosting, site adjustments and content. We are happy to help you with creating e-mail addresses, setting up a mailbox, spam filters and so on.

Content Management

We can update or adjust the layout of your website and associated content for you. Get in touch with us and we will be happy to tell you more about this.

Why choose Manillion?

We always work with the greatest care and are happy to help you with questions about your website. You don’t have to worry about the technical aspects of your website, we are happy to help and take care of this job for you.

Opting for website maintenance at Manillion is giving you the time to fully focus on your business. We ensure that your customers get the smoothest experience on your website.

We are here for you

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