Online ordering in times of corona crisis

Online ordering corona crisis

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How much you would like right now for things to go back to normal, you can’t ignore how much the corona crisis enormously affects us. Everyone is feeling a huge impact on their daily life. Taking a walk, shopping for groceries in the supermarket or any common daily activity suddenly requires a lot of preparation. Chances are you are currently technically unemployed, working from home or as a self-employed person may have had to close your business completely is very high. Offering your customers the possibility of online ordering on your website may be the solution for a large number of companies.

Finding creative ways

For those with children, this situation may be nice to spend more time with their families, but for self-employed entrepreneurs, this situation often means a financial disaster. You now see some self-employed people finding creative ways to continue selling their products. They either do this via online orders and then delivering the products, or they offer their customers the opportunity to order online, after which they can pick up their order at the store.

Alternative ways to keep our business going

Global crisis situation as the one we now experience with Covid-19 are virtually unknown to everyone, but are forcing us to live and work differently and find alternative ways to keep our business going. This corona crisis is also the reason why we are massively seeing these creative solutions popping up right now.

Online ordering corona crisis

Online sales

Often store owners now offer the possibility to place an order or purchase a product via facebook or telephone. It is a pity that entrepreneurs could have focused on online sales for quite some time. Now they are overwhelmed by messages via Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, phone calls,… making it an extra task to keep all orders on the right track. Online payment also remains a bottleneck, while it is now recommended to stop accepting cash, because of the spread of the virus.

online payments online ordering corona crisis

Your own webshop

Managing your own webshop offers all solutions. All products or services can be purchased directly online by your customers, after which you receive orders via a clear dashboard and by e-mail. For online payments you can choose to include the most common credit cards or PayPal, which are a convenient payment method for most online shoppers. Adjusting prices and tracking orders has never been easier.

Continue doing business in these difficult times

Manillion Enterprise would like to get everyone’s business online! Are you interested in having your own webshop built? Then get in touch with us and we will get things going, so you can continue doing business in these difficult times.


online ordering corona crisis

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