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Professional Web Design doesn’t always have to be expensive. We offer a professional and affordable website for starters, professionals and even large businesses. If you want to extend your offline shop towards online customers, we can build you your own webshop where you can offer your products, receive orders, change stock, prices and so on. Contact us for info and details!


WebDesign website Tuinen Create it! 01
WebDesign website Tuinen Create it!
Website / Web design by Manillion


Project: Website Create it!
Date: December 2018
Type: Web design
Website: www.tuinencreate-it.be


Daniël from “Create it!” contacted us with the request if we could build a modern website, that could nicely present his services and also showed a portfolio of the projects he finished in the past. Together with him we created a concept, where we also integrated a page for his shop called “2 Create it!”. Thanks to our experience it’s easy for us to understand what the customer expects of a website. From design to functionality, we think with you. We deliver a finished website with an easy to use Content Management System, which makes it easy for the customer to make adjustments to pages. And of course we’re always happy to help or even write a short manual that can help you figure things out even easier.

Our clients really appreciate our personal approach in every project. That is one of our key features a lot of other businesses simply don’t offer.

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