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Mobile friendly design

More than 50% of people on the internet are using their smartphone to browse. This means that your website needs to look good on desktop, tablet and smartphone and display your content the right way. All of our websites we create have responsive design, meaning you don’t have to worry about this, because your website will always look great.

Premium helpdesk

Even after finishing a project we’re still there for you. With each website we create you receive 3 months of free maintenance, core/plugin updates and back-ups. After this period, you can choose to take a subscription for us to continue doing this or you can decide to take care of this yourself.

User friendly system

A website needs to be user friendly and easy when updating content like images and text all by yourself. That is why the WordPress content management system (CMS) we work with is simple to use and you’ll get the hang of it in no time. This way you’ll be able to keep your website up-to-date in the future. Or you can decide to leave the maintenance part to us.

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Professional yet affordable website?

We build stunning and professional looking websites for small to large businesses. Having a website built can be very expensive. That is why we discuss all your needs, ideas and overall expenses together with you. This way we can still deliver an affordable website. Nicely displayed on desktop, as well as on tablet and smartphone, thanks to a responsive website. You also have the possibility to purchase hosting and a domain name at Manillion.

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All benefits at a glance

Do I really need a website?

Too often I hear people asking “Do I really need a website?“. The answer is plain and simple: YES you do! If your store, business or brand doesn’t have a website and only relies on a Facebook page, you’re losing money every single day.

Web Design Services

With our Web Design services, we analyze our client’s needs and then start building the website that perfectly fits their expectations. Our websites come with full responsive design, which means your website will display perfectly on computer, tablet and smartphone.

Facebook page?

A Facebook page can be an extension of your website where the interaction with your customers happens. But these pages are limited to show of your products and services, and ranking in Google is not great. That’s where our affordable web design services come in to help you and your business.

User friendly CMS

The best thing is that after the website is finished, clients can either choose to take full control with the easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) or to leave this part to be handled by Manillion.

Fully in control

Another big advantage with having your own website is that you have it fully in control. You have a domain name, web hosting and your website in your possession, while Facebook can change or even disappear in an instance. That might sound drastic, but reality is that by the recent changes of the Facebook algorithm, business pages suddenly lost a lot of referral traffic and views. Reaching your existing customers or possible future ones became a lot harder. Not to mention that people may leave the platform behind, which many already did as recent numbers are showing.

eCommerce Webshop

Online businesses have been growing rapidly and people are choosing hassle-free online shopping all over the world. If your shop doesn’t sell online yet, you might be missing out on a lot of potential sales. We can build a fully professional eCommerce webshop for you, that you can take full control of yourself. Running your very own online shop is as easy as it gets!

Measuring is knowing

Getting a website just to ‘have a website’ is not a good idea. Offering valuable content towards your (future) customers is key! But, how do you know your content is valuable? Well, anything can be measured and so can your website. Included in the website we create for you comes Google Analytics. Analyze all data of your visitors, how they behave, where they click, what their location is and so much more.

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  • User friendly CMS
  • Responsive = mobile friendly
  • eCommerce Webshop
  • Increase traffic & sales
  • Affordable Web Design
  • Boost your revenue
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Still not convinced that your company, brand or business needs a website?

This might be bad for your business and revenue. I hear you asking “why?”. Well…

1. First impressions matter

People are judging your company, brand or store on first impressions. So if they can’t find any website that represents who you are, they might not know about, like or trust you at all.

2. Immediate results

Window shopping is a thing from the past. People are constantly online and want to see immediate results. When your customers want to give you a call or contact you quickly by e-mail, they want to find all of that information gathered in one place, your website.

3. Small organic reach on Facebook

And what about Facebook? Yes, you should also have a decent Facebook page next to your website. Both go hand in hand. And besides that, keep in mind that not everyone is on Facebook.

4. A website = a waste of money?

Some people think paying for a professional website is a waste of money. Wrong! If you have a poor website, because maybe you decided to go for the cheapest web design, it’s better not to have one at all. Have you ever visited a website that was loading terribly slow? Or a website with hardly any information and completely outdated.

5. Cheap can become expensive

Choosing for a free or very cheap alternative to build a website can become expensive in the end. That is why you need to properly check all your options in advance, before you decide to work with someone to do the job.

6. Valuable content

People want to see that you are dedicated when it comes to your business. Why else would they choose for you? With a professional looking website that offers valuable content and clear information, they would love to buy your products or work with you.

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