Special Promotion for Web design!

Manillion is turning 1 on September 19, 2018, and because of our first anniversary we wanted to do something amazing… so here’s a special promotion for web design, only this September!

We design a complete website where you can easily take control over your own content, including:

  • 5 full pages
  • Easy to use Content Management System
  • 3 months of FREE maintenance
  • 5 FREE minor adjustments during these 3 months

special offer
Grab this special promotion for web design now for only €649,- / $749 / PHP 39,990. That’s a massive reduction of €309,- / $240 / PHP 13,000!*

Your company, brand or store doesn’t have a website yet?

This might be bad for your business. I hear you asking why? Well…

  • People are judging your company, brand or store on first impressions. So if they can’t find any website that represents who you are, they might not like or trust you at all.
  • Window shopping is a thing from the past. People are constantly online and want to see immediate results. When your customers want to give you a call or contact you quickly by e-mail, they want to find all that information gathered in one place, your website. And what about Facebook? Yes, you should also have a decent Facebook page next to your website. Both go hand in hand. And besides that, not everyone is on Facebook.
  • Some people think paying for a professional website is a waste of money. Wrong! If you have a bad website, it’s better to have no website at all. Have you ever visited a website that was loading terribly slow? Or a website with hardly any information, and let’s not talk about aweful designed websites by amateur web designers that hurt your eyes.
  • People want to see that you are dedicated when it comes to your business. Why else would they choose for you? With a professional looking website, with great content and clear information, they would love to buy your products or work with you.
Get in touch

Do you need any more reasons on why you should get yourself a decent website with a professional web design? Or do you want extra information on this special promotion or any other topic, just get in touch with us via the website or our facebook page. Choose Manillion as your trusted partner, we can build it for you.

*Disclaimer: This promotion is valid from September 1, 2018 till September 30, 2018 included. The offer does not include a domain name or hosting. Prices are VAT excluded. Extra pages will be offered at €79,- / $89 / PHP 4,690 (ex. VAT) per page.

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